Our curatorial approach rests on sound frameworks, process and quality control,  fostering creativity, invention and innovation.

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Set Parameters

  • What do you want to achieve? 
  • Why do you want the outcome to be?
  • What specific qualities you would like to see? e.g. welcoming, inspiring, innovative, fun engaging, informative.

Ask the User

A survey and / or focus groups of your learners before you start can provide valuable information.

Articulate the Offer

Project components can be identified through the option of a facilitated workshop ensuring all collaborators remain on the same page throughout the project.

Review regularly

Fortnightly reviews ensure changes are implemented at the most convenient time, saving costly amendments after the fact, while allowing the project to breathe, evolve and adapt.

Get an Expert

Our curatorial approach ensures if we don’t know a subject intimately, we don’t bluff, we bring in advisors, suppliers, creators and technicians as subject matter experts. By example, our Accessibility Consultant ensures we can meet our commitment to universal inclusion.


User and client feedback during and after completion will ensure diligent assessment and improvement.

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