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Digital content iterations, interactions and immersions – examples of recent work.

The NSW Department of Education, The Arts Unit (TAU) Digital Engagement provides online resources, access and information to virtual excursions and live streams of creative and performing arts, speaking competitions, Premier’s challenges and professional development (PD), engaging students and teachers throughout NSW.

Immersive learning experiences

Introduced Species 360

Sydney Symphony Orchestra and The Arts Unit

Inspired by artist Matthew Quick’s body of work, ‘Introduced Species’ is a three-movement aural depiction of the Trash Vortex, one of the Pacific Ocean’s garbage patches. 

This resource links music, visual arts and environmental science into an immersive learning experience, incorporating multiple 360 video in a virtual tour of the orchestra during a performance with embedded video interviews of musicians, the conductor and the composer for a deeper understanding of their roles in the orchestra and of the composition.

Your Public Art Project

Kaldor Public Art Projects, Stem.T4L and The Arts Unit

Students from public schools across NSW have worked collaboratively to investigate their environment and develop an innovative, site-specific artwork.

The schools’ works have been documented using innovative technology that reimagine these works for display at the Art Gallery of NSW. Site specific works come alive through 360 Virtual Reality film and 3D photogrammetry models that transport the viewer back to the specific location.

Online learning activities

The Beauty of 8

Taikoz and The Arts Unit

The Beauty Of 8 eResource gives insight into a fusion of Australian and Japanese cultures and rhythm. The end product is an exciting and dynamic artform that appeals to all ages. “Taikoz is at once meditative and free-spirited, primal and dramatic.” This eResource encourages students and teachers to observe, listen, perform and compose using ancient aural traditions alongside more modern scores.

Other Voices

Department of Education

Other Voices is a performance, recording and education project based on three new electroacoustic works for flute and electronics by Australian composer/educators Cat Hope, Tristan Coelho and Fiona Hill. It provides access points for young composers, performers and their teachers to explore the potential for combining electronic music with instruments and voice.


Spare Parts Productions | Caribé | ALLY | Palacio de la Rumba

Exciting experiences of Cuban and Latin dance and rhythms, jazz, Afro-Peruvian culture in Sydney and Regional NSW. Compositions and arrangement are also available through the site.

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