Anyone born in this time
sees no ‘interface’
just an environment
where technology is as
ordinary as light.

eMAGINe the possibilities

many ways to tell a story, learn with play… vision to online

Who Are We?

We are experienced Educators, Instructional Designers, Graphic Designers, Video Producers, Animation Artists, Audio and IT specialists.

We have extensive experience in the development of interactive training, information and assessment solutions across a range of different applications and requirements. We have experience in the development and usage of audio, video and animation in training.

We create for you imaginative, immersive and innovative learning experiences for you and your users.

Ask us about our skills development platform

Human-centred design is a creative approach to problem solving. It places people at the heart of the problems we solve. By understanding who we are trying to reach we can design better solutions.

Our Approach

Our curatorial approach rests on sound frameworks,
process and quality control,
fostering creativity, invention and innovation.

Set the Parameters

What do you want to achieve?
What do you want the outcome to be?
What specific qualities you would like to see?

Ask the User

We focus on the user experience. What has worked for them? What was missing? Their knowledge is valuable.

Articulate the Offer

We facilitate discussion of project components to ensure all collaborators remain on the same page.

Review Regularly

Regular reviews ensure changes are implemented during current workflow, saving costly amendments after the fact while allowing the project to breathe, evolve and adapt.

Get an Expert

Our curatorial approach ensures if we don't know a subject intimately, we don't bluff, we bring in advisors, suppliers, creators and tech gurus as subject matter experts.


User and client feedback during and after completion will ensure diligent assessment and improvement.

We believe that digital delivery should be engaging and effective, that it should help people to get to where they want to be.

We also believe that technology should make the managing of this education dead simple.

Our role is to show our clients how to make it so.

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