Engaging experiences to capture your learners’ interest and attention for effective eLearning outcomes.

Multitouch eLearning

Many of us groan when we hear the words ‘mandatory eLearning’. eMAGINed will ensure your learners engage, retain and apply your content. Our Multitouch eLearning Framework employs a variety of delivery systems, devices, formats and styles within the one learning experience, reinvigorating online learning. From welcoming a person to a new workplace, building capacity, expending skill bases or inspiring action our mixed media approach ensures all we know about how people learn in this century is embraced.

Interactive Info Packs

Sick of scrolling through a 20 page PDF? An eMAGINed interactive info pack presents a large volume of information and resources in a non-linear innovative way.

Here are a few of our examples:
‘Taikoz 20’ Program

Digital Content Production

Show, don't tell

The forgeting curve means we forget 90% of what we learn within one month. Scary huh? We retain more with video, remember more with stories and real job tasks demonstrated through scenarios result in direct application. Our favourite and a trend for now is interactive video.  If it’s a micro learning bite, a scenario in a workplace, a mini documentary, an explainer animation or a promotional social media splash, eMAGINed will make sure yours is awesome.

Live Streaming

The immediacy of watching a live stream and being actively involved is an effective and engaging way to connect to students and families, keep audiences and participants up to date and reach across geographical distances. It may be a simple as one permanent set up for students that have to take time off from school but are still able to join the classroom remotely through to streaming full scale Sports and Arts events. Footage captured can also be repurposed to maximise use of assets. 
Case Study
The Arts Unit and Sydney Symphony Orchestra’s Bush Concert
The Arts Unit and Sydney Symphony Orchestra’s The Happiness Box

360 Video

Immersive digital experiences are becoming the norm as we move further into the immersive tech age. 360 capture is transportive and a powerful visual tool that can be effective in fostering empathy, illiciting joy and transformative learning.
Case Study

Scribble Stories

An eMAGINed original Scribble Story is a great way to cut through the digital volume. These stories will get your story across effectively and quickly.

They are fun, engaging and people are more likely to read your message.

Website mini

Latest web trends show the most successful websites vary the way users interact with your site. Some of the trends we like using at the moment are ultra-minimalism, duotone or vivid layers of colour, mini-sites and LivePics. A mini site for a specific project is simple, easy and economical.

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Animated Infographics


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