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Assessing Visual Arts Bodies of Work

Practice marking

In this series of seven videos our Visual Arts teachers examine and then individually mark bodies of work in a range of expressive forms. Their comments are largely unscripted and reflect their familiarization with the NESA Marking Support Pack. 

Teachers can use these videos to practice mark with a colleague/s so that they can engage in the important step of critical dialogue. Viewing the full range of videos aides in understanding several different expressive forms and provides opportunity to assess works that reflect a range of marks. These videos are examples only and are not to be understood as benchmarks. They do not replace the NESA Marking Support Pack and professional learning. 


Pause the video when the music stops and refer to the NESA Marking Support Pack benchmarks and marking criteria for each expressive form before determining independent marks. 

You may wish to jot down your thoughts using the Assessing bodies of work template. 

Then watch the remainder of the video to see how one teacher accounted for their individual process when allocating a mark to each body of work. 


To access the 2020 NESA Marking Support pack:
Contact the COVID-19 support team
Call: 1300 138 323

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1. Luna Exploration Module

Expressive form – Drawing

2. Looking With Eyes Wide Shut

Duration 3:41
Video transcript – Looking With Eyes Wide Shut

Expressive form – Photomedia

3. Hope

Expressive form – Drawing

4. Detritus

Expressive form – Photomedia

5. Untitled

Expressive form – Painting

6. Perceptions

Expressive form – Photomedia

7. The Broken China

Expressive form – Painting

Cathryn Horvat
Creative Arts Advisor 7-12

Carolyn Hammer
Digital Engagement Advisor

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